• Review: Plogue Chipcrusher Review: Plogue Chipcrusher
    Chipcrusher from Plogue is a bit crusher with convolution impulses of vintage, low-fi, digital game consoles and computers that makes an absolute mess out of whatever you put into it.
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Paul Reed Smith debuts \m/ pickups. No seriously, that’s the name

Paul Reed Smith guitars have created some new pickups voiced for heavy styles of music. The new pickups are called \m/ – an emoji that looks like the “devil horns” hand gesture used by some metal fans. 

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EastWest sets a projected date: Stormdrum 3 will be released July 15


  The latest Stormdrum in EastWest’s series of BIG percussion loops and hits features instruments from Grateful Dead percussionist Micey Hart’s collection. If you’ve seen a movie trailer with epic percussion pounding, you’ve almost certainly heard SD 1 and 2, and this $399 instrument continues the legacy. Joining Hart in the tempo-syncableperformances are percussionists Greg […]

Soniccouture introduce Clav


Soniccouture have  debuted their Clav library. This 9.6GB library (compressed to 5GB) samples each pickup on the original Hohner D6 clavinet at 31 velocity levels plug round-robin.

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Goldbaby Dirt & Layers Now Available


Goldbaby has released Dirt & Layers, a sample collection of noises and drum sweeteners. The noises include vinyl dust and scratches, motors, and tape hiss.

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Spitfire ships BML201 Horn library


Spitfire has released the latest installment of their British Modular library, BML201 Horns. The Kontakt library includes solo horn and a 2-horn ensemble in a variety of articulations and microphone positions. 

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Review: Plogue Chipcrusher


Chipcrusher from Plogue is a bit crusher with convolution impulses of vintage, low-fi, digital game consoles and computers that makes an absolute mess out of whatever you put into it.

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Waldorf releases Nave wavetable synth for iPad


Waldorf Music has released Nave for iPad, a wavetable synthesizer that harkens back to PPG and Waldorf Wave synthesizers. Two digital wavetable-based oscillators are included, plus an analog oscillator with 8-voice unison “Uberwave” mode for supersaw leads. 

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Review: Standard Beat Company Dropstep


The latest release from Standard Beat Company is Dropstep, “a collection of highly-refined hits and loops designed for modern music production, with a nod and a wink to the hardstep era of drum and bass.” The collection includes both loops and single hits. The hits are provided as 24-bit WAV files, with instruments you can […]

XILS Lab intros XILS V+ vocoder plug-in


XILS Lab have introduced the V+ Vocoder plug-in. The instrument, based on a Roland VP-330, includes vintage string synth and voice synth emulation. A sidechain input allows the synth to act as a 10-band vocoder.

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Realitone offers sneak peek at RealiBanjo, with an amazing animated GUI


Reailtone is teasing their new RealiBanjo library, which includes some of the best animation we’ve seen in a Kontakt instrument GUI. The banjo library is multisampled in several positions, and a pattern generator arpeggiates popular banjo rolls.  Pricing is not yet announced, but the library will be available in “about a week.” Be sure to […]

Native Instruments announces Tracktor Kontrol Z1


Native Instruments has unveiled Traktor Kontrol Z1, an affordable mixer and controller for their popular DJ software for iPad. Used with their Traktor software, the Z1 provides a headphone out, crossfader, filter, effects and EQ controls. 

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Sample Logic releases Thunder Springs library


Sample Logic has unveiled the Thunder Springs sound library. This Kontakt library is based on recordings of springs, spring drums, thunder sticks, and other processed recordings of resonant coils. 

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Review: Soundiron Olympus Elements


Soundiron has released Olympus Elements, a choir library for Kontakt edited down from their full version. But this isn’t just a demo, this is a full, professional symphonic choir with legato samples and much more for just $99.

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Apple announces Mac Pro, waves goodbye to PCI


Apple has announced a new Mac Pro. Although the vase-like design is impressive, PCI slots are gone and pro users are already discussing options for high-channel count interfaces to the device. 

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Impact Soundworks launches Forest Frame Drums


Impact Soundworks has released Forest Frame Drums, a Kontakt library recorded from three frame drums. They have been recorded using hands, thumbs, sticks, mallets and fingertips.

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Cinematique Instruments ships EK470 mark 2 library


Cinematique Instruments has released the EK470 mark 2 sound library. It is a “charming” sound library of a simple compact keyboard. The analog sound engine has been captured for an affordable Kontakt library. 

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New iLok software has reported major problems


This weekend, PACE updated their iLok license manager software. Unfortunately, several users online are reporting problems installing software or even using the licenses they already have. Problems have been reported with some of the top-selling software companies

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Tracktion 4 for Mac, Windows, Linux: multitrack audio program no longer tied to Mackie equipment


  Tracktion 4 is the new version of this single-screen, affordable ($59) audio production program. The company’s description is pretty apt: compose, record, edit, mix, share (audio – not MIDI). Traktion first came out over a decade ago, but it’s no longer a Mackie product. The latest version features a new audio engine that supports Mac, […]

Review: Audio Damage Mangleverb


Mangleverb is the latest creation from Audio Damage. It’s a combination of a reverb and filter, with an envelope follower and LFO as modulation sources.

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Avid announces S3L Live Mixing System, with a Control Surface that works with DAWs


Avid has announced the S3L System, an HDX-based live mixing system with scalable I/O. The 16-fader S3 control surface will soon work with “Pro Tools and other DAWs.” 

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